Internet Streaming Mixer


The Internet Streaming Mixer is a Java Applet that will mix and play a variety of music styles from a central server. It is able to accurately adjust and synchronise music from dual sources simultaneously; in much the same way as a professional DJ.

To compensate for varied network conditions, the player automatically buffers up multiple tracks in memory, providing continuous play during network outages.

The player has been tested exhaustively against a number of platforms (MacOS X, Windows XP, Vista, Linux, Win 2000). And against a number of network failure scenarios.

The Player has been tested successfully on Mobile broadband internet connections with downloads speeds as low as 35kbytes/s


The Internet Streaming Mixer contains a number of features not found on other players to make Internet DJ style mixing a reality.

Usage of Internet Segue Language (ISL)

The player interprets a simple declarative language called ISL, that allows human or computer to describe to the player how to mix a number of music tracks together.

Using this language, and associated tools, it would be possible for any number of professional DJ's to submit their own mixes and DJ 'sets'

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