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Operating System Commands


The Operating system provides a number of useful commands that are available from eBASIC

Disk Handling

There is a solid storage system very similar to a simple disk filing system, for saving and loading programs.


When the computer is new, the disk is empty and unreadable. The format command will prepare the disk for use.

save "filename"

The save command will save the program in memory onto the disk so that it can be loaded and run at a later time.

Load "filename"

The load command will load the program from the disk into memory. It won't run automatically, you will have to use the 'run' command to make it start.

delete "filename"

The delete command will remove the file from the disk and make the space left behind usable for other programs.

launch "filename"

The launch command will load and automatically start the program. It uses slightly more ram that typing load and then run, so won't work for really large programs.


The dir command will display a list of files that are on the disk.

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