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Nime Consulting provides System Development Services including custom developed software and hardware.

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June 22nd 2020: Nime Shop is back with new stock of the Nime Fan Controller MK7

March 12th 2020: Picocreate re-branded to "Nime Computer"

We have tidied up the website, retired some old content and brought in the picocreate site content.

Jan 10th 2017: Nime Computer available to order now!

We have some Nime Computer boards ready for evaluation jump into the Shop to order one now via PayPal. Stocks of this are light so hurry!

Jan 1st 2016: We're 10 years old

Lots has happened since be incorporated back in 2006. The world went from web 1.0 to web 2.0, surfers from desktop to device, video became huge and cloud working became more pervasive than ever before. Keeping up with all of this when you're a small company can be challenging. But we like challenges, so bring on the next 10 years!

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