PicoCreate: The Tennis Trainer


The plan was to add a scoring system to an existing tennis training tool. Two optical interrupers sensors would be used to determine the start and quality of a players serve.

The Plan

The scoring system would be coded up on the Nime Computer and a pair of standard IR optical interrupters used.

In addition, some form of audio feedback would be added. There is already a beeper output on the Nime Computer, a very crude amplifier circuit was added to masively increate the volume of the sounds.

The image above shows the code running on the new Nime Computer PCP4L, this board is significatly smaller than the previous model and fits more easily into smaller enclosures.

The view above shows the Nime Computer PCP4L board, ancilliary board, battery holder and mylar speaker mounted inside.

The view above shows the complete boxed unit. Which contains some drill outs for a a mylar speaker inside and a push-on-push-off power switch.

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