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PicoCreate: The handheld computer


The plan was to make a small light handheld computer for kids to practicing programming on the go. The ultimate goal, to make these available to schools.

By adding the membrane keyboard and printing out a case with battery compartment, PicoCreate can be used to make a really simple handheld computer.

Two designs have been tried, using the PCP3 and PCP3L boards.

The blue one

the first one uses the PCP3L which has a built-in LCD. The case was 3D printed in two halfs. The top half contains the PCB keboard and battery holder. The back, is just a cover.

The back of the case reveals the simplicity of the unit. As power consumption is so low, this computer will give literally hundreds of hours of life out of a pair of alkaline AA batteries.

The white one

A variation of this design uses an angled case style, and a larger back-lit LCD display, with the PCP3 board.

This version is great for using in low light areas, and the larger screen provides much easier to read text.

More info

PicoCreate is backed by a growing support site with examples, code and reference material.

Jump to www.picocreate.org for more information.

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